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Your wedding is the most special day, it is the day that you choose to come together with the ones you love and celebrate your union as a couple.

I love working with you to create your special day and to share in the celebration of your sacred union. I love finding the essence of your love for one another and bringing that out throughout the ceremony. To capture that love is what makes a wedding memorable. To add a little bit of Magic and a sprinkle of happiness to your wedding day puts a smile on my face.

Vow Renewals

Vow renewals always makes my heart sing, you have done the hard yards, now it is time to celebrate all that you have achieved as a couple and look to the future with renewed love in your hearts….. beautiful!!!

You know each other inside and out, and what better way to share your deep love than through a celebration and ceremony of your commitment to one another….. cheers to that!!!

As your celebrant I acknowledge the time, effort and love that goes into keeping the passion and connection flowing through your relationship. I cherish the opportunity to be beside you as you create your perfect ceremony…. full of love.


It is the “Quicky” that everyone loves. You know what you want and you want it now! I love it, there is no doubt that you love each other and it is time to make it official. No fuss, get to the point while holding your passion and devotion to one another for eternity.

I love these ceremonies because they all about you and you can have a lot of fun with these. I have seen people cart wheeling down the isle, pets galore joining in the ceremony love and shots of tequila to boot!! Anything is possible, such a fun loving way to go!

Naming Ceremonies

A new addition is added to your family, how exciting for you all. If this is not a time to have a naming ceremony when is!!!

It is so important to celebrate and acknowledge the times that are special to us and a naming ceremony is definitely one of them. This is an amazing time where you can announce and honour a special person in your life.

These ceremonies can be whatever you like, they can be as traditional or as unique as you like, it is up to you where you want to go with it. I am here for you to support your wishes and create a day you will not forget.


As sad and devastating as it is when a loved one passes, there is also another element of honour, respect and celebration of a life that changed so many others for the better. This is where a funeral can be so beautiful, it is a great way to celebrate your love for a special person that you has been an important part of your life.

Your loved one has passed and your world can feel like it is spinning around you….. As a celebrant I hold this time as sacred and work beside you to honour your loved one and create a ceremony that will share the essence of them with respect and love.

About Me

I am a lover of life, I am a wife, I am a mother, I am healer and I am an all-round incredible person.

From my background in self empowerment coaching and energy healing I am well aware of connection both to self and to your beloveds. I also pride myself on holding space for others through ceremony.

My story: when I got married, I wanted everyone to feel the way I did, I wanted to share the space of our wedding day with all our favorite people. We had our essence of LOVE flowing throughout the day. I sat with the space the morning of our wedding and set my intentions, as to hold an incredible sacred space for our day to unfold and blossom.

Now my goal in life is to bring the same love and joy into your special day.

0419 335 280

Sacred Connection Celebrant

0419 335 280